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Samantha (Saamiyah) Ferguson

Samantha (Saamiyah) Ferguson aka
(Da Village). Saamiyah was born and raised on the Historic Westside of Las Vegas. She began writing lyrical raps/poetry at the age of 10. Her art evolved into something great. After a much-needed break for reflection, she became Muslim in 2007.


Today, Saamiyah wants to inform, encourage and inspire the world to be their best selves as Allah intended. Lending a hand, a dollar, or a kind word is all it takes to be “Da Village” and that's what she represents.

To download Saamiyah's music and support her cause please visit SoundCloud for the latest soundtrack. Please click on the link below to follow, share and purchase.


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Judy Sengsone

Judy Sengsone, the creator of MU Girls LLC, felt that there was a need for young Muslim girls to have a modest and Islamic role model in today's society. In April of 2001, inspired by her daughter, she developed the idea for MU Girls LLC.


Since its’ launch, MU Girls LLC has received encouraging and positive reviews. MU Girls LLC is not just a brand put on products, it represents the hopes, dreams, and values of millions of young Muslim girls living in the modern world.


To learn more and support MU Girls LLC, please visit our website at or purchase our coloring book collection on 


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