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Nisaa Seifullah

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will all return)

Sister Nisaa Seifullah embodied Al-Maun Neighborly Needs. A foundation in which she strongly believed and worked tirelessly to create a better community for all. Her passion was educating the youth and bringing people together to help each other and become assets to the Las Vegas community. 

We honor all of her hard work, love, dedication, and sincerity in establishing Al-Maun (Neighborly Needs), Fajr Al-Islam Learning Center, Al-Maun CDC, and Masjid As Sabur (Las Vegas). Partnerships she has formed with Islamic Relief USA, SNHD,

Las Vegas Metro, and many other positive organizations in Las Vegas and across the country have opened doors, bridged gaps, and brought together a better understanding of community needs.


There will be no one else like our Sister Nisaa, but she has passed on her knowledge, compassion, and selflessness to those with whom she worked closely and who understand the mission. We hope to carry on her legacy by serving our community, teaching our youth the importance of self-worth and perseverance, and promoting strong great values through hard work and commitment.

Fateen Seifullah, Executive Director of Al-Maun

Our Team.

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