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Saturday | January 28, 2023 | 1PM - 3PM

Guest Speaker - Talibah Abdul - Wahid

We combined three separate events into one! With our Youth Talk event, we are providing the community with the opportunity to learn about student financial aid. Along with the Coffee Circle, we will talk about our community's health and well-being, as well as the best ways to stay healthy. Finally, a delicious BBQ will be served to thank those who participated in the event and those who attended.

A special thank you to Southern Nevada Health District, Mahir Hussein & Young Muslims (UNLV).

Free Money for Students! Scholarships give financial assistance to help students pay for their college education. These subsidies provide kids with access to education that they might not otherwise have. Scholarships are more than cash assistance for many students. They provide deserving students with the financial means to pursue higher education.

Refreshments will be served | Ages 7 & up

Visit our website at to learn more about Al-Maun CDC

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