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Youth Development Program
Birth - 3 Years Old

These issues range from typical behaviors and how to manage them, to autism spectrum disorder, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and mental health concerns. Educating the family to understand behaviors and how to address them is one of the goals. Using simple behavioral plans and techniques that families can use daily and understand is also a goal.

Lorinda Roberts has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling. She is a certified and licensed elementary school counselor. She has worked with families with children ages birth to three years old for 23 years. The majority of the families and children she works with have behavioral health issues and concerns. 

Mrs. Roberts addresses these issues/concerns in a five-part series to help parents and caregivers understand the importance of these early stages in life. It is vital to understand our child's needs and behaviors in order to praise, condone or reinforce their actions. The end goal is to raise happy, healthy children, therefore becoming productive members of society. 

Workshop 1

Social Skills

What are social skills?

Social skills & development in infants

Commonly needed social skills

What caregivers can do to increase social competence

Social competence and things to remember

Workshop 4

Behavior Part 2

Positive behavior


Display of inadequacy

Typical parents can do

What caregivers can do

Workshop 2



What is self-esteem?

Helping children develop healthy self-esteem

What parents can do

Classroom environment

What caregivers can do 

Workshop 5


Discipline vs. punishment

Power Struggles: What caregivers can do

Communication is
the key

The importance
of routines

Positive parenting - 25 ways to praise children

Workshop 3

Behavior Part 1

What is behavior?

Where do we get our behavior?

Positive language

Positive body language


Giving choices

Talk to children

Erikson's Theory
of  Development

Important Stages
of Psychosocial Development

Infant - 18 months 

Trust vs. Mistrust

18 months - 3 years old

Autonomy vs. 
Shame & Doubt


Lorinda Roberts


I have been working with children ages 0-3 for 20 years. I have extensive training in behavior support and management, ADHD, Bipolar Depression, ODD, and other mental and behavioral health issues in children.  My training includes social skills training, speech delays, and sensory issues. 


I enjoy helping kids increase their social skills to get along better with others. I find it rewarding to help families understand the cause and effects of their child's behavior.


My extensive training includes biting, social skills, power struggles, anger, and aggression. My passion is to help children and their families find solutions and help them overcome their struggles.

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